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2012 SGT Scheduled Tour Calendar

Our SGT scheduled tours have fixed departure dates and are available for the individual traveler, couples and small groups of friends to join. Please contact us for availability on your itinerary/travel date of choice. SGT also offers the product of other quality, small group tour operators. Please visit the sidebar links for your region or tour theme of interest for even more scheduled itinerary choices!


2012 Scheduled Tours


Feb, 2012      All-Irelands: Feis America Irish Dancing Family Tour (4 days pre/post dance competition; Dublin)

April, 2012    Worlds: Feis America Irish Dancing Family Tour (4 days pre/post dance competition; Belfast)

4 - 7 April      North Wales, Celts & Gardens (4 days; Manchester) (links with South Wales)

8 - 11 April   South Wales Heritage Trail (4 days; London) links with (North Wales Celts and Gardens)

14 - 19 April     West Country Writers (6 days; London) Dartmoor, Dorset and the Cornish coast SOLD OUT!

23 - 27 April     ANZAC Nation (5 days; Lille) Dawn Service at Villers-Bretonneux & Western Front Battlefields

28 Apr - 5 May Holland Floriade (8 days; Brussels) Floriade Special Event, Belgium, Keukenhof, Bulb Fields

12 - 19 May    Welsh Quilts & Malvern UK Show (London) Malvern Quilts UK Show Event for private groups

12 - 15 May    4-day Holland Floriade (Brussels) Floriade Special Event; links with Chelsea Flower Show

16 - 24 May    Chelsea Flower Show, Gardens of Kent & Cotwolds (London) Chelsea on a Member Only Day

17 - 27 May    In Search of Roman Britain (London/Manchester) Sussex, Wessex, South Wales, Chester, York

Queen Elizabeth II�s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Marking 60 Years on the Throne, Main Events 2 - 5 June, 2012 (events continue throughout 2012)

12 - 16 June   Jane Austen�s Hampshire (5 days, London/Bath) (links with Heart of England OR Kent Landscapes)

12 - 21 June   Jane Austen: Southern England (London; combining Hampshire & Kent Landscapes) Join in                                                                      the 2012 Charles Dickens Bicentenary Celebrations!

12 - 21 June   A �Week� with Jane Austen (London/Manchester; combining Hampshire & Heart of England)

17 - 21 June   Kent Landscapes Gardens with a Literary Heritage (5 days; London) (links with Hampshire) Join in                                                              the 2012 Charles Dickens Bicentenary Celebrations!

17 - 21 June   Homes and Gardens in the Heart of England (5 days; begins Bath/finishes Manchester)

25 - 29 June   Yorkshire Gardens Gardens, Literary Landscapes (5 days, Manchester) (links with Heart of England)

                 London 2012 Olympic Games, 27 July - 12 August, 2012

21 - 29 July   Wales and Ireland: Coasts and Rivers (Dublin) Eastern Ireland, Pembroke & North Wales

9 - 18 Aug     Scotland Literary Heritage (Inverness/Edinburgh) Inverness & Edinburgh Book Festivals                                                                                                               (links with Northern England and/or Lake District)

19 - 23 Aug    Northern England: Yorkshire & Peak District (5 days; Manchester) (links with Lake District)

25 Aug-2 Sep Beatle Radio Beatlemania 50th Anniversary Tour (London) Beatles Week, Mathew St Festivals

1 - 9 Sep      England Quilts, Textiles & Antiques (London) Classical Britain: Bath, Cotwolds, York, Cambridge

8 - 16 Sep     English Literary Festival Tour combining Jane Austen�s Hampshire & West Country Writers includes                                                                  Agatha Christie Festival and Bath Jane Austen Festival

19 - 24 Sep    Sacred Places, South Wales & Pembroke (6 days; London) links North Wales Celts and Gardens

26 - 29 Sep    North Wales, Celts and Gardens (4 days; Manchester) links South Wales & Wales Sacred Places

30 Sep-3-Oct South Wales Heritage Trail (4 days; London) links with North Wales Celts and Gardens


All SGT itineraries are available for private departures, from 2 guests and up on the date of your choice. The cost of a private tour is based on how many guests in the party. All itineraries below are suggestions and can be modified to specifically suit your travel requirements/requests.

Please contact us for a specific quote: specialgrouptours@yahoo.com.

�Name the Date� some of our SGT Suggested Itineraries for Private Groups, from 2 guests and up:

1 day, Literary Day Trips from London

3 days, Jane Austen Country (London) Hampshire

3 days, Short Harry Potter (London) Heart of England, South Wales

3 days, Literary Lake District (Manchester)

3 days, Herriot Country, Yorkshire (Manchester)

3 days, Literary Peak District & Regency Film Sites (Manchester)

3 days, Literary Kent & Sussex (London)

4 days, Shakespeare Country (London) Heart of England

4 days, Robin Hood and the Heroes of England (Manchester) Nottingham & Peak District

8 days, Literary Scotland: Borders Book Festival (Edinburgh)

8 days, Literary Scotland: Wigtown Book Festival - Scotland�s National Book Town! (Edinburgh)

8 days, Cornish Landscapes: King Arthur & Mythical England (London) West Country

8 days, The Bookworm Literary England & Wales (London) Kent, Heart of England, West Wales

9 days, Literary England: �The Classic� Route (London) London, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge

9 days, Literary England: Highlights Sampler (London) Kent, Hampshire, Dorset, Cotwolds, Lake District

9 days, �That Boy Wizard� Harry Potter (London) London, Somerset, Heart of England

9 days, Unlock the DaVinci Code (Rome/Paris/London) Capitol cities, Kent, Borders

12 days, Literary Heritage in South England & Wales (London) Kent, Hampshire, SW Wales, Heart of England


1 day, Garden Day Trips from London

3 days, Hampshire Gardens (London)

4 days, Gardens of Kent and Sussex (London)

4 days, Gardens in the Heart of England (London)

6 days, Gardens of England: Kent, Sussex and Hampshire (London)

10 days, Gardens of Wales (Manchester) South, North Wales

6 days, Gardens of Belgium & Holland (Brussels)

4 days, Irish Gardens (Dublin) Birr, Wicklow

5 days, French Gardens (Paris) Loire Valley, Northern France

9 days, July, Footsteps of a Queen: Gardens, Tudor Heritage & Hampton Court Flower Show (London)

12 days, Gardens of Cornwall and the West Country (London)


TBA, Artist Inspirations in East Anglia (London)

TBA, Artist Inspirations in Cornwall (London)

14 days, Art and Artists (London) Kent, Sussex, East Anglia, Midlands, Cheshire, Wiltshire

4 days, Mediaeval Belgium (Brussels)

4 days, Gastronomic Flanders (Brussels)

5 days, Flemish Lace, Tapestries & Textiles (Brussels)

6 days, Holland Art Cities (Amsterdam)

14 days, Exploring the Low Countries, Flemish Artists & Culinary Delights (Brussels) Belgium & Holland


4 days, Rock & Roll UK (London) London, Manchester, Liverpool

4 days, Classical Experience, Musical sites of Britain (London) Heart of England

9 days, Beatle Radio�s BEATLEFEST tour, London, Manchester, Liverpool during Beatles Festival (London)


3 days, Roman Britain North (Manchester) Cheshire, Borders, Lake District

4 days, Roman Britain South (London) Hampshire, South Wales

6 days, Caesar�s Britain, Roman Sites sampler tour (London/Manchester) Sussex, South Wales, Borders, Lakes

11 days, In Search of Roman Britain (London) Sussex, Wessex, South Wales, Chester, York

14 days, Land of the Celts (London) Cornwall, South Wales, West Wales


4 days, Discover Churchill�s England (London) Kent, Heart of England, London

4 days, Battle of Britain (London) East Anglia, Kent, London

4 days, Bond...James Bond, Film Sites & Real Espionage in Britain (London) Kent, East Anglia, London

4 days, England�s Home Front North (Manchester) Yorkshire, Liverpool, North Wales, Manchester

9 days, Britain at War, Life in the 40s (London) Kent, Heart of England, Liverpool, London

14 days, Commonwealth Battlefields, Portsmouth, Kent, Normandy and the Western Front (London)


4 days, Legendary Englishmen & Women (London) Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire

4 days, Medical England (London) Heart of England, London

6 days, Wales Wildlife (Cardiff or London) South, West Wales

TBA, Spires and Steeples religious heritage of Britain (London)

TBA, Haunted Britain (London/Manchester) Wessex, Heart of England, Yorkshire

12 days, Wales Sacred Places (London/Manchester) South, West, North Wales


flexible, Scottish Gardens and Golf (Edinburgh)

3 days, Scottish Borders (Edinburgh or Glasgow)

4 days, Eastern England (London) Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk & Essex

4 days, Wessex and the Isle of Wight (London)

12 days, Wales, Land of Song (begins London/finishes Manchester)

14 days, The Great North Country (Manchester) Yorkshire, Lake District, Peak District, North Wales

14 days, England, Wales, Scotland sampler tour (London)

14 days, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England �WISE� Islands sampler tour (London)

14 days, Both Sides of the Channel, Suffolk, Kent, Holland, Belgium and Northern France sampler (London)

11 - 14 days, Channel Islands & Normandy (London) includes Portsmouth, Kent

Special Group Tours

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